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Hello, Here is a posting requested by a colleague - (Mr. Michael Balducci, Here is just one of several ideal situations: A person who may have been working as a Chief Operating Officer for a food company but got laid off, or started one or several food businesses and sold out, and is hungry to get back in the game and take a homerun concept like ours. (Producers of high quality frozen vegetarian entrees.) Our products that already have a proven demand, in a market (vegetarian/organic) that is not going to slow down anytime soon, and can either invest as well (for more equity) or at least not take a salary (for less equity) Ideally, this Chief Operating Officer has been in the business, has contacts, knows exactly who to call, what to do, to get our products to be made inexpensively, (I mean a real bean counter who can work with a calculator and an excel sheet) without sacrificing quality, and cheap enough so that everyone can make money (distributor, retailers, chain store operators, food service, brokers, etc..). We have a small facility, lacking in equipment. The incumbent would determine what we need, and if it requires $300,000, or so, in equipment, the COO would help us find the co-packer who can make our products inexpensively. We build ourselves up, eventually we either go 100% co-packed, or with this person’s expertise, we acquire own facility. This could be a part time job or a consulting gig, but then again, there could not be enough time in the day to be all that can be done. For example, all the products have to be flow charted for a co-packer, then after identifying co-packers, getting quotes and choosing them, working with them and their systems to replicate our products to our liking. There is a lot of work involved, but if we are going to be the globally successful company I know we can be one day, and I think it can happen in a short amount of time with the right people on board with the right synergistic energies and talents. Whether he has any ability for marketing, I don’t care, but it can’t hurt. ===== Steve Hall

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