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We are Co packing finders for your Bakery & Snack Foods Product lines. If you are considering having another company make your current product line to bring down your current overhead expenses or you have out grown your current facility space,  Snack Foods Brokerage Firm will find you a Co packer who can manufacture your products with quality and the best pricing for your Company. We handle everythingfrom Fresh, Ready to Eat, Package Goods, Frozen Thaw & Serve, Frozen Raw, Par Bake and Beverage product lines.
We manage and streamline all of your business’s co-packing & outsourcing needs on all levels and product lines, from small companies to large corporations. Our well established network of snack food and bakery manufacturers across the U.S. are on call to support your manufacturing and outsourcing needs. Our end-to-end services include developing new product lines, creating sales and marketing programs and assisting in existing recipe and packaging improvement.
We offer, Co-packing - Outsourcing, Private label , Manufacturing-to-Manufacturing co-packing,
Commissary Outsourcing for Retail Chains, and Manufacturing & Sales Consultants.
 Please feel free to contact us with any questions.
Thank you for your time.

Ricardo Cordero
President & CEO
Snack Foods Brokerage Firm
New Yor, New York 10001
Co Packing & Out Sourcing Specialist
Sales & Manufacturing Expert Consultants
Tele: 347-802-5878

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