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G'day everybody...

we are based in Mesa, AZ and looking to expand our professional food network. We have artisan crafted hand-held savory pies made in Colorado and are looking to expand our range of products by offering sweet cookies and other delicacies that are Australian themed.

If anybody knows of any good co-packers or private label businesses in the south west US, I would very much appreciate getting that information.


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  • G'day Stephen,

    thanks for that info. I am already in dialogue with Jill Gifford (University of Nebraska) as I got her details from your page. She is responsive, has a great sense of humour and we are scheduled to have a phone call next week.


  • Hello,

     You may want to try:

     - The Co-packer Category in our Free Resource Listing:

     - University of Nebraska Lincoln's Ms. Jill Gifford will provide a customized list of potential co-packers depending on your circumstances.

     - Co-packer listing from Specialty Food Association's Ms. Heather Paul.

     -         A non co-packer source for shared part-time commercial kitchen rentals.

     Read the book – see below (at your local library or from:

     Let me know if you would like to learn more about my coaching and mentoring services designed to help you keep focus and succeed in specialty food marketing.

     Does this help?

     Best regards,



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