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Hello all 

I am a new food entrepreneur and have been researching selling online. I live in CA and from what I understand I will need a PFR (processed food registration) and then also to register with the FDA as an agent? 

I plan on selling oats made with all natural ingredients, dried fruits and nuts 

The info I have been receiving about ecommerce / food hasn't been reliable and I can't find exactly what I need from online resources, and my state is no help either.

Does anyone know for sure that these are the only two things I need to do? 

Thanks. Cheers! 

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  • Hi "cuz"

    Have you made any inroads on this topic?

    You may want to find info on California cottage trade regulations (food products made at home).

    Don't get your self wrapped around the axle. Your focus should be more strategic. 

    There are very few rules regarding the production and sale  of oats.

    Get to the Winter Fancy Food Show in SFO next month.

    Does this help?

    Best regards,


    Stephen F. Hall

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