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I am Hamza Bousebha, representent of Argan Arts, a Morrocan company witch works on  the organic culinary products. We have two products Argan oil and Amelou  (a spreadable cream made with almonds and sweet argan oil with either honey or stevia for diabetics).


As regards the use, Argan oil can be drizzled over food before serving or stirred  into, soups, salads, couscous and tagines. It has numerous health benefits and is also used as a skincare product.Argan oil Is rich in vitamin E, has no Cholesterol, dietary and  is an natural antioxidant and anti-carcinogenic.


Compared to Amelou is a delicious Moroccan dip made from toasted almonds, argan oil,  honey and stevia for diabetics . It is served for breakfast or snack in spread on bread.


All our products are made with the pure Argan oil and by women cooperatives in Essaouira  region (argan capital).


The products are approved and given sanitary certification by the Moroccan authorities.

 The Argan cooperatives, as well, are approved for sanitary certificate by Moroccan authorities to ensure an excellent product quality.


My questions are:

- How to commercialize our product in USA?

- what is the commercialization plan you could advice for us?

- Also I need to know more information about you system if we want to work with you.



Hamza Bousebha



1808 cobble creek circle

Rocklin, CA 95677 USA


(916) 918 9176

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