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Keys to Making Great Sauces

Hi Every One,How are you all? Sauces are what take cooking to the next level. From extremely elaborate sauces prepared at fine dining establishments to the hearty sauces Mom used to make, they are what seem to stick in our minds when reminiscing on a great meal we've had. They are essential for making a good pasta and a great idea for making your meat dishes stand out. Here are a few of the keys to making a great sauce:PESTO SAUCE* Pesto sauce is quite strong so remember to use a good quality oil and a solid pasta. The best pastas that go with pesto are gnocchi, spaghetti and linguine.* For any recipe with garlic, cut it in halves and remove the bud from the center. This will avoid giving you heartburn since the bud is the reason garlic can give you stomach discomfort.* If you can not use a mortar use an electric grinder but do not reveal this secret if you have an Italian sitting at the table. According to experts, the blades alter the flavor.* The pesto sauce can be prepared in advance. Keep it covered in a clean glass jar with olive oil. It will last two weeks in the fridge and up to 3 months in the freezer. If freezing, make sure to prepare without garlic and cheese and add those ingredients at time of use.OTHER SAUCES* For sauces with capers, use finely chopped pickles if you don't have capers.* For sauces with Parsley, you should always use the flat leaf to add flavor. The curly leaf will only add decoration and presentation - not flavor.* Always choose a tomato sauce that is sold in glass containers because they keep longer and taste better.* When using wine or other alcohol in your sauces remember to increase the heat so the alcohol evaporates only leaves the flavor.* One of the secrets in making sauces is the cutting of the ingredients: all must be the same size (carrots, onions, tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant,etc) so that they cook evenly.* If you are running out of time or you don't want to add onions and garlic to your sauce, grab a beef flavored bouillon cube and add it to the tomato sauce.* For Bolognese sauce you can use ground beef or if you want to add some special flavor, use pork beef. The only premise is to choose a lean cut and good beef quality.* When choosing pancetta for your sauces, try to pick the one that has more lean meat instead of fat. Choose packages where you can see the bacon before you buy it. Many times certain brands cover their products with the packaging so you can't see the quality of the cut prior to purchasing.Best Regards.....______________________________________________________________________________________________________Luray va accommodations ~ A great step toward independence is a good-humored stomach ~

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