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Dear Sir/Madam,  

 I am looking for a food sales agent, distributor, wholesaler , retailer in order to start having  a cooperation  and promote my organic herbs to the market.                                                                                                                     


  Our herbal   plantations thrive under optimal conditions in the valleys of Varnounta  mountain in extreme northwestern Greece where the nights are cool and the days flooded with sunshine.  Our family business , Anthemis, was born here,an industry in which we produce herbs  with loving attention to detail. The   method of cultivation is traditional, our  use of the land characterized by care and respect. Products are 100% biologically cultivated and free  from additional substances and preservatives. Nature  itself offers the most diversified  herbs in a variety of colors and aromas, products of the purest quality, the finest taste and exceptional benefit.


Mint piperita, oregano, thyme, sage, lemon balm, spearmint   and   others. These dry   organic  herbs ,  are    packed  in small  pp packs. These small pp  are then packaged in carton packets  with our   brand name-Anthemis- hellenic organic herbs.


a)Four of them are in the form of  whole  leaf(mint,lemon balm,sage and spearmint) packet  dimentions: hight 18cm,width 12cm,depth 6cm.b) The other two  are  oregano and thyme  .   Packet dimentions:hight16cm, width7cm, depth3,5cm.  In  above both  cases  a)  and b) , everything  has been done by hand , by us , the whole family ,in other words these 6  products  are really   pure in quality  and you will not find   any  stems,  dirt e.t.c. in the packaging.


The drying   process has been done in   the most natural way(  ware house).Not under the sun, not in electric ovens, where most of the   essential  oils of the herbs   will be lost.

I also have to mention  that  we ,  as a family business, have already started  preparations of the  next step    which  is the lipton  type tea bag  production  with the thread  and the tag ( flat  and pyramid ). We are even preparing   the creation of  mixtures of herbs .


Please do not hesitate  to suggest me  any kind of herbs , or mixture of herbs,, or way of packaging, or anything else  that would  contribute   to   an even   better presentation – promotion   of our  products.

After all, we are both aiming for  a  succesfull  business  course ,  for   the mutual benefit.


 In Anthemis  we have the willing   to  do our best  and  go according  to your needs   and suggestions.


  Please   feel  free to ask me   anything.  


  Thank you in advance.


 Best  regards

Vasileios Gkekas


Hellenic organic herbs

2z, G. Mavrou str & 66, K. Karamanli str Ag. Ioannis-Kalamaria

551 32         Thessaloniki,GREECE

tel:0030 2310 347 093

mob:0030 6977 973 337

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