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Dear Readers, The following inquiry is from a colleague. Interested parties may respond direct to me: Stephen F. Hall =========================== WANTED: Chief Operating Officer/Partner A Line of Frozen Food Entrees I have spent and continue to spend way too much time involved with operations, cost of production, planning, ordering, costing, and organizing all the data in a spreadsheet in the Cheftec program. This is a long tall order, but maybe an FE reader can point me in the right direction. My idea is to find a food entrepreneur (COO) with food production ability to work with our chef and do all the above with competence. All our recipes are recorded, and pretty much replicable. We have had up to 7 people working in a production run. So the desired individual need not actually cook the food, as much as supervise and record the production. Ultimately we would want a co-packer to make everything so we need not invest in equipment, unless a COO/partner wants to come up with money and/or a plan that makes it sensible. We want someone who would take a percentage of equity, and invest some of his/her own money to help reach our potential faster. An alternative is to find a strictly money investor/lender and take the investment money to hire the COO. With the right person (COO), we can get to where we need to be, which is ready for a co-packer, or a plan to produce ourselves, in a few months time.

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