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I ordered the book and should receive soon. Allow me to provide a quick synopsis of where I'm at with my business. I have been making a meat based spaghetti sauce for many years and started selling last year. I tested the waters in local farmers market and after handing out over 4000 samples, approached couple stores and they asked me to sell in their stores. Sales are going well and am being asked to expand. I'm not ready to expand just yet and am seeking advice from those who have been in the same place as I am in today.


I'm in the need for equipment also, specifically vegetable chopper (I shred carrots and chop celery/onions). As you can imagine as a new start up business, I don't have a lot of funds so am seeking items at lower costs. Are there companies that rent or sell equipment? Are there websites I can search for equipment? And if the sauce takes off, I will need to order equipment and food items in bulk. I have spent hours and hours researching businesses for bulk (tomato sauce, vegetables, spices, olive oil, wine, etc) and could really use some guidance on how best to search or find companies that would sell bulk.


As you can tell I have quite a few questions so appreciate any assistance you can provide.


Thanks in advance....Dan

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  • Robot coupe makes several food choppers of varying size.  You can find them on ebay regularly. If you need something more industrial check out lots of food manufacturing facilities go out of business or simply unload equipment they no longer need.  

  • Check ebay for used equipment. Get a membership at Restaurant Depot if you have one near you- it's like a Costco for restaurants. Membership is free. Or try a store that only sells food to restaurants at wholesale. You can buy just the amount you need. When you buy one food item like dried basil from a farm or producer they will want you to buy a pallet load or large quantity. This is not feasable until you grow a little bigger.

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