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From a reader:

My name is William Arnold and I am the owner of McCauley's Peppers, where we make a spicy, smoky roasted pepper relish. I have been growing the company slowly over the last year, and we recently had some success being featured as Esquire Magazine's best new condiment of 2014 ( We have also been selling the peppers very successfully at Murray's cheese shop in NYC.

 As demand for my product has grown, we have outgrown our copacker. In my search for a new one, I have not been able to find a copacker who has the ability to roast produce. I've called about 100 copackers across the US, and they have all told me this is something no one does, due to low output per hour for them.

 Would you have any advice on where I could look to have the peppers made? I'm thinking I may have to go internationally to take advantage of lower labor costs, but would prefer not to go this route. To give you some background on how the peppers are made, we chop raw peppers, marinate them, roast them in a 500 degree oven for two hours, then jar them.

 Any help you could provide would be great!


 William Arnold

 Owner, McCauley's Peppers



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