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When you're just starting your food business, the legal side can quickly become back-burnered in favor of product development, packaging, and sales. But, my experience below highlights the challenges - and due diligence - you should do before you even think about launching your food product.

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  • War Story:

    A client of mine produced a line of freeze dried herb dips and mixes called "Ruffles And Truffles."

    All went well during a 2-year product roll out in the specialty food trade. UNTIL, a letter arrived from Pepsico, Inc. that called "Ruffles And Truffles" to cease and desist use of the name "Ruffles And Truffles" because the word "Ruffles" might confuse customers of their product "Ruffles With Ridges."

    So, the name was changed to "The Ruffled Truffle." Once again, all went well until another letter arrived from Pepsico attorneys in Washington, DC. (Letterhead had at least two dozen attorney names on it.) 

    In the end, the firm President knew she could "beat the rap," but at a considerable cost! In the end, it would not be worth it.

    So she now runs a thriving real estate brokerage.

    MORAL: Always have two alternatives.


    • Oh man! That's tough -- It's a totally blow to everything you're doing as it requires immediate attention. Live and learn I guess. And happy to hear she's successful somewhere else :)

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