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Hi Everyone,

I recently opened a co-packing kitchen in South Burlington, VT -- PACK Commercial Kitchen. It's 8,400 sf and has three production kitchens. There's more information below. If you'd like to schedule a tour or a test day of production please call (802) 435-1919 or email me - Happy to help!

1. Commercial Bakery

The commercial bakery is equipped with high-volume production equipment, ready to churn out your brownies, cookies, cupcakes pies, and more. 

Equipment includes:

  • 60qt Hobart Mixer
  • 80qt Hobart Mixer (Coming Soon!)
  • 175+ Full Sheet Pans
  • Six prep tables
  • Countless small wares
  • All the sinks you need
  • Double-stack Blodgett convection oven (fits 10 full-sheet pans)
  • Double-rack Roll-in Oven (Coming April 2016 - fits 30 full-sheet pans)
  • Sheet cake, bar, and brownie cutting machine
  • Flow-wrapping machine (max product size: 4" wide x 8" long x 1.5" high)
  • Inkjet date coder for lot-tracking

2. Hot-Fill & Cold-Fill Kitchen

The hot-fill area is perfect for anything that comes in a glass or plastic container -- from condiments, to sauces, spreads, hot fudge, dips, and marinades. Typical production days are anywhere from 40-160 gallons - around 1,000 to 1,500 finished units depending on the size of your container.

Equipment includes:

  • Two 20-gallon steam kettles
  • Single-head piston filler
  • Ten-burner range
  • Four prep tables
  • Countless small wares
  • All the sinks you need

3. Dry-fill Room

Our 200sf dry-fill room is perfect for dry mixes like spices rubs, pancake mix, seeds, nuts, and more. It's has the following equipment:

  • Logical Machines S-4 Weigh System (capable of 300-600 fills an hour)
  • Horizontal band sealer (no coding)
  • Vertical band sealer with solid-ink coder
  • Prep tables
  • Scale to weigh ingredients out
  • Full hood system (so flour particles don't go everywhere)

4. Storage

We have plenty of dry-goods storage for your raw materials, ingredients, packaging supplies, and labels. Storage can be on pallets or metro racks. We have limited refrigerated and frozen space, however.

5. Order Fulfillment

We have an order fulfillment area to ship all of your packages via USPS, FedEx, and UPS. There are all-carrier pickups three days a week. As a PACK Member, you get access to packaging material, USPS shipping boxes, and possible discounted shipping rates. Basically, no more random trips to the post office. Plus, if you'd like us to take care of your order fulfillment, we'd be happy too.

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