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We specialize in a line of all natural gluten free baked goods and are working with a marketing organization to get the product to the national level.

We are very VERY new to the national playing field and I’ll plainly admit we’re quite clueless of what to expect.

We know that when doing shipments to retail stores charging freight is not an option.

How does one go about finding out how much freight cost to add to the products price so we don’t price ourselves out of business?

How does it work on the receiving end, are there warehousing/stocking/return fees?

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Peanut Oil Press Machine Work Principle

With the aid of external mechanical forces, the oil can be screwed from the seeds. With the most advanced design principle by far in the world, it can squeeze and slag automatically. In accordance with the pressing stage, it can be divided into primary crushing, secondary crushing and multistage crushing.

Peanut Oil Press Machine Structure
Peanut Oil Press Machine is mainly composed of automatic control system, heat pressing system, adjusting system, transmission system and vacuum filtration system five major part.

1, the automatic control system consists of air switch, ac contactor, automatic temperature control instrument, circuit protection devices, etc.

2, the transmission system consists of the main shaft and the wheel reducer, pulley, motor, etc.

3, heat pressing system consists of a heater, squeezer, pressing bar, the body assembly, etc.

4, vacuum filtration system consists of the vacuum pump,filter oil drum, rubber hose, etc.

5, adjust the system consists of the adjustment screw, nut, handle, lock nut, etc.


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Peanut Butter and Jelly can save The World.

Dear Fellow Food Entrepreneurs,

I am in search for 12 or on dozen Nut Butter Machines. My mind is open to suggestions but being in the business. I have come to find the Old tyme Nut Butter Grinders to be the all around epicenter of machines.

Smiles are Contagious,

Best Wishes,

Lenard Ross Kritchman

e -

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Barcodes for food packaging

Hi there,I was researching the best barcode system to use on our packaging... EAN or UPC? Looks like some stores are not set up to scan EAN numbers so my question is: Is UPC more universal and does it also apply in Canada?Thanks for any advise!Heather
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I'm not sure what the buy local climate is in your area, but it's really picking up steam here in the Midwest (specifically, I'm in Des Moines, IA.)  More stores are trying to capture the demand by featuring local products and even marketing the fact that they are "a supporter of local vendors."  

To me, this is a massive opportunity because this reduces your barriers to entry into retail outlets.  Many times store/department managers will give you a look (or even a try) with less scrutiny or will streamline your entry onto the shelves because they feel a need and desire to support you (and of course, sell more product.)

I had this happen just this weekend.  A local specialty grocer here in town agreed to carry my organic seasoning blend about 2 months ago because I'm a local guy and that's a key piece of their marketing message (We buy and support local.)  I casually mentioned that my regular (non-organic) blend was available and that the price point was very competitive and he responded with, "Bring me a case when you come by."  The sales cycle was instant and now I have 2 local products on his shelves.  Remember - they need us too.  

The ability to get in the door doesn't exclude any of us from the realities of the marketplace.  We still have to have  a great product, competitive price point, and we frankly just have to move product to keep a store's interest. 

So take a walk through your local stores.  Ask around and notice categories that lack local options.  Can you modify your product slightly or come out with something new to fill a niche where there are no local entrants?  I find that the "health market" sections in my local chains are amazing pools of free market research waiting to be had. 

Go out and help your local stores succeed in their quest to be known for local products - and in the meantime - build a business with recurring revenue that thrives.

Grab more on this topic at

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Your Brand Is Far More Than Your Logo & Packaging

If you ask 100 people, "What does brand mean to you?" an overwhelming majority will mention things like logo, website, advertising, etc.  All are correct.  But what's most often missing in the brand equation - is customer experience.  

Think about your "favorite" cable company, used car dealership, or airline.  You probably don't even know what their brochures or websites look like.  But you know how you feel when you interact with them.  

I define brand as the sum of all interactions and promises you make with the market.  I discuss this in more depth on my blog at Breaking Retail if you'd like to click over and take a look.

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I am looking for a co-packer to produce my African-style hot sauce.  My hot sauce is more like an habanero dip in 6oz wide-mouth glass jar.  It is oil-based and does not have any vinegar in it, so it needs to be refrigerated at all time. I had it tested and the pH level is 4.7  I have a few stores who are interested in carrying. I need a low acid co-packer who can give my hot sauce a "shelf stable" and is also willing to make small run in the beginning.  Any advise will be appreciated.  My email is Thank you

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Great opportunity  for a young hard working young man/woman with entrepreneurship attitude to manage all aspects of an on line store marketing 300 certified organic products. Please call with me at 1917 213 4425 with suggestions, or e-mail me:


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When using oil press machine initially

After installation the oil press machine, please adjust the oil press machine like this,

1. Feed the cake after pressing slowly and little by little, press repeatedly, polish the press cage.

2. To avoid block on worm shaft, please don’t pour the material to the hopper of oil press machine totally, feed it by your hand slowly

For details, please visit this link

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Need a co- packer in California for bbq sauce

Hello everyone!!! I am starting a new specialty foods business in California. I have about 15 products that I will eventually need to have packaged/bottled but for now iam looking for a co packer for my bbq sauce. Is there anyone close to me that does small batches?

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Food chemist for Seafood batter receipe.

Hello everyone im looking for a food chemist to help me produce my seafood batter receipe.

Does anyone know of any in the N.Y.C tri state area.

please help me thanks. im trying to go commercial with this.

please contact me thanks 

Shawn LeGree


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DIY Drinks You'll Love

Being able to make your own beverages can save a lot of money. Plus, you will get to completely control the taste of your drink and how much you make. There really is not a beverage that you can't make at home. As long as you have the right supplies, you are well on your way to making your own beer, wine and soda, a hobby that is gaining momentum!


Home beer brewing supplies are easy to get and surprisingly simple to use. You can actually often find kits that will get you started with brewing at home. These kits will have all of the beginner supplies that you need to start crafting your own beer. You can control exactly how your beer tastes, the color and how much you make. Now, there will likely be some trial and error, like there is with trying all new things and this is perfectly okay. You may find that your first few batches do not exactly turn out well and probably taste awful. The key is to remember where you made mistakes along the way and keep at it. Eventually, you will start to craft your own unique beers that your friends will be highly jealous of.


You do not need your own vineyard to be able to make your own wine, though that would be nice. Just like beer, there are wine making kits that will give you all of the beginner supplies that you need to start making your own right in your own kitchen. There will likely be some trial and error here too as you get used to using the supplies and getting your recipe just right. What is nice about homemade wine is that it often has a fruitier flavor to it so even those that do not care for wine will often like homemade wine. Once you get your recipe perfected, you can throw a party and have all of your friends try your very own wine. Just make sure that you make enough because they are sure to want at least two glasses.


You can surely seen those make-your-own-soda machine commercials on television. These truly do allow you to make your own soda. There are other methods that you can use as well, but a machine tends to make the process easiest. Simply choose the flavors that you want, grab an empty bottle and fill it with your favorite soda.  

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Foods That are Fresh, Fabulous and Fast!

We all like to have plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables around the house, but sometimes we just do not have the time to go to the market and pick out everything that we need. This is where being able to place an order and have it delivered comes in. For example, you can order apple cider online and tons of other products that make eating healthy easy.

Weekly Service

If you and your family are getting your six servings per day then you are surely going through a lot of fruits and vegetables every week. There are produce services in various cities throughout the country that will deliver your weekly produce right to your door. This is fresh produce that is harvested and delivered right to your door. It is generally harvested by larger farms that are local to the area. You can choose how many servings you need each week, tell them what your fruit and vegetable preferences are and even get some new recipes to use your produce in. If you are busy, but still want to ensure that your family always has something healthy then this could be a good option for you to look into.

Local Harvest

Local farmers can be found all throughout the country and there is likely one rather close to you. Some of these local farms will deliver to their customers. There is usually a delivery fee, but it generally is not much. You can visit the farms in your area, see what they have and what type of things that they deliver. You can likely set up a delivery schedule that works for both of you. For example, you may need fresh produce weekly, or you may just need it monthly. This is something that you can work out so that you can be sure that you always have fresh produce, but never have so much that it foes to waste.

Organic Produce

There are farms that have websites to set up so that they can get their local produce to people all over the country. These places usually have a large variety of choose from, different packages and different delivery schedules. You can figure out how much you need, how often you need it and exactly which organic fruits and vegetables you would like to regularly order. You can place your order online and have it delivered right to your door. 

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